Post #2 – Car Advertisement of Mercedes, Porsche and BMW

If Honda is not treated as a strong competitor by BMW, then Mercedes and Porsche certainly are. Interested in finding out how these three luxury car companies advertise their products and compete against each other, I search the relevant advertisement on youtube and below are what catch my attention.

The first thing I like in this ad is the relaxing, harmonious, and amusing melody. The melody is relaxing at the start, singling a cozy driving experience that appealing to me. All of sudden, the tunes change as the Death come, and the man seems to be in danger. The funny part comes when the man says “sorry” to Death, while music tends to be amusing at that moment.Of course, the main point in this ad is to demonstrate the outstanding intelligent barking system of Mercedes-Benz 2010 E-Class, and the ads does striking me by creating such an unexpected result. This ads perhaps target on the consumers who value coziness and safety, as is presented by the reliable performance of car in the ads.

This is one of my favorite advertisements, because the inspiring spirit of the child impresses me a lot. The ads to me is not just about Porsche, but about the many deeply-entrenched dreams that accompany one’s growth. The child reminds me of myself, or perhaps we have something in common. I believe that everyone have dreams; for me, it is dream that drives me all the way along and it is dream that made me what I am today.

To me, the ads is also creative, because it tries to capture potential customers by appealing the feelings for passion and dreams rather than simply demonstrating the virtues of the car. It conveys a message to consumers  “The cars is yours once you have a passionate dream, and you can take it once your dream come true”.

This BMW advertisement targeted on investors, who accounts for a big proportion of Porsche’s customers. And it seems that BMW try to influence the mind’s of Porsche pursuers and turn this group into its own customers.

It’s a wise advertisement, since the it avoids to talk about issues such as  “power”,”speed” or “passion”, which may put BMW in shadow when compared with Porsche; rather, it emphasize “reliability”, which is a shining feature for a high-end business purpose vehicle. The ads tries to convince customers that BMW is more reliable than Porsche (cognitive component), and intrigue the positive feelings of “less risky”, “informative” and “reliable” (affective component).

Overall, these three advertisement can all entice consumers like me. The first one tells a surprising story, the second one narrate a impressing and inspiring story , and the third one shows a wise comparison.


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