Post #4–Coming Up in July – “Everything Gonna Be Changed!”

Coming Out In July, Will the Brand new iphone 5 Dazzle Your Eyes ?

Imagine Source: GottaBeMobile,

The leave of Apple’s co-founder and charismatic CEO Steve Jobs hardly puts any shade on Apple short-term prosperity, as stock price of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to boom to over $350/share, about fivefold the price in 2006.

Lots of people are investing their money in Apple, and lots of consumers are considering buying his or her first or another Apple product. Iphone 5 -a shining star in July-would surely capture the public attention and put the Apple heat to another high.

After the introduce of iphone 4,  some of my friends replace their iphone 3 with a new iphone 4 at the first time; meanwhile, some of my friends who use BlackBerry are also considering a iphone 4 or iphone 5. What’s more, people who use smartphones of other brand, say, LG and SAMSUNG kind of submit to the tempt of buying a iphone. It seems that iphone  becomes a trend setter in smart phone industry, as more and more young people deem using iphone shows a “fit” in the group.

Successful as it is, iphone fails to capture the senior middle-aged and senior consumers. Those consumers are simply freaking out by the bewildering functions of iphone and its apps. My real-life experience come from my parents. My dad screwed up with ipad and skype me asking me how to put his PC stock software into ipad; not surprisingly, he put the ipad away after I told him he may need to search and download relevant apps especially for Apple products. His is answer is “that’s troublesome, I just use my PC”. Meanwhile, my mom just likes her non-smartphone SAMSUNG mobile, and shows little interest in the learning what she thought the “redundant functions” in iphone. Perhaps she just doesn’t need those apps and a simple and relaxed life is always better than being constantly dragged by technological innovation.

Perhaps Apple should launch some programs to connect with baby boomers, and intrigue their interest in the “bewildering” but “worthwhile” updated technology.


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