Post #8-“Socially Antisocial”?

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Are We Isolated From the Real World?

source: Tech Republic

Today I read a article about a controversial effect of smartphones from Influential Marketing Blog. The article, titled “Overtweeting: Are We Becoming Socially Antisocial?”, points out that

Social media has led to a third type of thought: one that you share with a virtual social networkinstead of those who you may be interacting with in person.”

Source: The MagicScene

The discussion regarding struggling between the virtual and real space has long been heated with the popularity of Personal Computer and the Internet. At the time when the Internet had been commonplace while smartphone weren’t yet born, people were likely to crowd at their homes or offices watching at screens and “socializing” on computers ( today, we still keep this “tradition”). When they were not sitting in from of computers or TVs, they may went out and socialize with friends. At that time, we could safely assume that going out leads to much face-to-face communication. However, today, it’s not the case.

When I walk across UBC to my class, I usually see students staring at smartphones with fingers flying on the keyboards. As I walk into classroom, no matter right before class or during the class or after class, I can always see people sitting with their friends while playing with their smartphones or itouchs or ipads. The temptation of these devices seems non-resistable, particularly at public trans-link stops.

Personally, I prefer face-to-face communication, though I have to admit smartphones do benefits us by enabling virtual interaction with friends who are not in presence, if the benefits are not at the expense of interacting with friends in real place. So the problems here is not how smart phone isolates us from the real world, but how to use the smartphone in a appropriate way so that we can have enriched virtual communication experience without losing the traditional  valuable face-to-face communication. For me, virtual communication is usually conducted when I’m alone; if my friends are around me, I will chat with friends rather than immerse in a virtual space.



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