Believe What You Believe vs. Do What You Do

Today I watched two interested videos on TED – How great leaders inspire action and Gary Vaynerchuk: Do what you love. Both videos stress the same point- do what you believe makes a different.

This idea can be extended to so many areas such as business hiring, product promotion, and personal career. Take business hiring for example. If a company wants to hire some new workers, what they really care about is not the skills and knowledge, but whether the potential candidates like the things they do, whether they agree with company’s status quo, and whether they enjoy working for the company. This is explained in Simon’s Wright brothers example.

Another inspiring thing for me is that the video kind of tells me to follow my gut and do the things I like! As a second year Bcom student who are expected to choose the major option in several months, I am pretty agree with Gary’s opinion about doing what you like. As for choosing Bcom options, I used to be undetermined between Finance and Accounting, two popular options in my faculty. I know I love finance, because I like to meet people, I like to do challenging math ( quantitative analysis), I’m interested in stock market and all other kinds of investment. All good… but there’s one key thing about studying finance in Vancouver- yes, in Vancouver- it’s never easy to find an exciting finance job in laid back city like Vancouver. On the other hand, Accounting option seems much easier, because every company need accountants; however, accounting is hard to intriguer my passion.

However, these two videos do conveys very strong message: A company should hire the candidates who believe what the company believe; a person should a job that s/he likes to do. It is the belief and passion that makes a different! It is belief and passion that makes one dedicated and successful!


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