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Believe What You Believe vs. Do What You Do

Today I watched two interested videos on TED – How great leaders inspire action and Gary Vaynerchuk: Do what you love. Both videos stress the same point- do what you believe makes a different. This idea can be extended to so … Continue reading

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Post#9 – Flight Ticket and Price Discrimination

This time, I’d like to talk about my recent experience in booking international air fares, or my exposure to how price discrimination affects the price of airline tickets. Two weeks ago, I booked a round trip international air ticket through … Continue reading

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Post #8-“Socially Antisocial”?

music of today-Loving You – By Kenny G. 🙂 Are We Isolated From the Real World? source: Tech Republic Today I read a article about a controversial effect of smartphones from Influential Marketing Blog. The article, titled “Overtweeting: Are We … Continue reading

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Post#7-The Twist, UBC Bookstore or Di$count Textbooks?

While I am reading blogs of my classmates, Song Gao’s post –UBC Bookstore? Discount Bookstore? catch my eyes. I agree with what she said about different position strategies adapted by UBC Bookstore and Discount Textbooks. She mentioned that UBC Bookstore … Continue reading

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Post#6-Goodbye Old Luxury, Good Morning Fresh Engineering

Several days ago, I saw a very interest advertisement posted by my friend on Facebook. The idea of the ad is about escaping the confinement of old luxury and exploring the fun of new luxury. In video, Mercedes represents the … Continue reading

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Post#5- Add A Mask On Advertisement -Product Placement

After reading Hailey Zhang’s blog post Product Placement from her marketing blog “City in Light”, I am really impressed by the intense product placement occurred in everyday life. It seems that we, as consumers, are influenced by those “ads” that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Post #4–Coming Up in July – “Everything Gonna Be Changed!”

Coming Out In July, Will the Brand new iphone 5 Dazzle Your Eyes ? Imagine Source: GottaBeMobile, The leave of Apple’s co-founder and charismatic CEO Steve Jobs hardly puts any shade on Apple short-term prosperity, as stock price of Apple reading

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